Small business owners will often ask us what is the first thing we need to do to drive more traffic to their website.

That is a loaded question! We believe it all boils down to three very key ideas in building a successful web presence.

1. Your site will need to rank on Google and other search engines. You need to target the right keywords and phrases that your customers will likely use when searching for your business field. (more on that in a bit!)

2. Your site will need to look professional and have a great user experience across all devices.

3. Your content will need to convey your message and be engaging enough for your customers to read it.

This isn't much unlike what you wold experience in your brick and mortar with face to face transactions. As a customer, you need to hear about a business. When you arrive, the store and associates need to be accessible, clean, and professional, and you want to understand and feel comfortable in the explanation of their services and products.

In today's article, we are going to dive into the first topic a bit. We will focus on this idea of "keyword targeting" and how it can help drive traffic to your website.

I am assuming you are familiar with the concept of SEO since you have made your way to this blog. In case this is new to you, check out this article to brush up on this very fundamental part of your web presence.

SEO continues to evolve as time passes. Some things have changed radically over the last ten years and some things remain unchanged. The concept and importance of targeting the right “Keywords” falls in the latter. Targeting the right keywords is as important today as it has always been. The goal is to find the keyword searches that your customers are likely to use to find your products and services.

I know what you are saying. “I know Keywords are important. Everyone knows that! HOW do I find MY keywords???”

I am glad you asked. It comes down to a little hard work, using the right tools, and some common sense.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

What are your competitors doing? Select a business in your field and your area that is about your size. Are they ranking ahead of you? Read their top ranking pages and it should become clear what words and phrases they are targeting. Those words should also be what you target. Now start write your even better content.

Know Thyself!

You have researched your competition, now analyze your own website. What are the realistic expectations you have set for yourself with your strategy? If you are selecting high volume keywords, then are you able to compete with hundreds and thousands of other pages who are also target that keyword. If so, great! If not, then it might be better to go after some more niche and long-tail keywords. Check out what keywords are working for you? What words are not? Use Google Analytics to find out the numbers and the time spent on each page. It should become clear what is working for you. Cut out what is not working.

Build a better Mousetrap

Use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and Searchmetrics’ Keyword Analysis. Look for keywords that are reasonable for you to be ranking for. Being to general might result it going after highly competitive keywords that are unrealistic for your site to be ranking on. Focusing on long tail keywords and specific phrases might not seem like you are reaching as many users, but you will be getting higher quality results. Also, remember that technology is constantly changing and search result will change based on that. Try to think about how new devices are changing the way people access search engines and input their searches.

Content is king

Keywords are super important, but more and more Google is placing more emphasis on the content itself. A keyword will get your foot in the door but you need to also have a great sales pitch. It is ease

Using these four concepts should give you more than enough to get a great start. Now that you have your words and phrases. Go build some great content an see how the first couple months go. Now repeat the whole process, this is an evolution. Those who stick with the plan will reap the rewards. Good luck!

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