26 th January
By : Jason Richards

SEO is a complicated beast and everyone wants to know how to write better blogs posts to improve their ranking. So many factors can go into Google ranking your website.

Back links, your content, the age of your site, and the actual coding of your website are just somethings to think about when it comes to SEO. Blue Boxer Web Design can help you develop a strategy to improve your Google rankings if you need assistance. In the meantime, here are some simple suggestions to get you on your way today.

Make sure that you change your topics up from day to day and week to week.

Once you begin on an idea, make sure you haven’t already invented that wheel. It can be tough to come up with original content day in and day out, but you won't get any points for posting the same article over and over. If you have nothing new to say that day, perhaps you should take the day off. If you are stuck for a few posts in a row, It may be time to go out and learn something new and report back. Go to a trade show, read other blogs, take an online course. Coming up with great, fresh content is how you are going to stay on top.

Write your content to target specific questions.

Stay on point and don’t meander. If you have multiple threads in a single article, that is great news. It means you can make several posts instead of one. Once you have a thesis, expand on that note and stay focused. If you find a point that doesn’t fit, copy it over to a blank sheet and use that as a beginning for your next post. User's want clear, concise information or they will move onto the next one.

Make sure you have a reasonable ad ratio.

This may seem like common sense, but you may be surprised to find out that yoru ad ratio has blown up to an unacceptable proportion. A big part of good SEO design is user experience and readability. Too many ads will affect both, not to mention it can have a big negative impact on your site's performance. Keeping this to an acceptable level is an easy way to not get dinged by Google.

Incorporate video content into your blog posts.

We mentioned how important video is in our 2018 Digital Trends article. Video is a great way to beef up your blog posts as well. Variety isn't just a great user friendly approach to your posting, but linking back to YouTube content will also help improve your SEO scores.


As mentioned earlier, SEO can get very complicated and time consuming. We can help out with that. Get in touch with us today and we'll improve your Google rankings.

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