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Blue Sea Vacations had an established web site when they contacted Blue Boxer, but they weren’t seeing much in the way of results. They knew they needed help with getting found and to improve their search engine (Google) rankings. They contacted us about our SEO package. They were a little hesitant at first to take on this added expense, but when they found out that the quote they received from us was for the whole contract and not just one month, they were very relieved. Our SEO services are affordable! Our competitors in this area are just too expensive for a small business to take on.
But, back to Blue Sea. We met with them on a monthly basis. In the first meeting we took a baseline of where their site ranked and where their competitors were at. We came up with a strategy to correct some on page and content issues as well as ways to improve rankings through other methods. Improving your SEO ranking can take some time. We met each month to go over how the strategies were working and to make small changes. Today, Blue Sea is on the first page of Google in Sun Prairie when doing a search for Travel agencies.

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