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Eutatctic approached us about creating a new home page for their screen printing and embroidery e-commerce web site. Initially, they also wanted help with their inventory and Point of Sale system which at the time was Shopify. After we were able to accomplish everything on their wish list, we began to help with other small upgrades on several of their online stores.
Having built a close working relationship, Eutactic trusted us to move them off of their Shopify based stores and we built them a much more custom presence. This enabled them to save a lot of money from having to subscribe to many products and add-ons. This project had us build a beautiful e-commerce site with an OpenCart shopping cart back end. Maintenance has been much easier and faster since they no longer have to deal with the proprietary Shopify system. We built the system to allow us to add new store fronts each time Eutactic adds a new client. This not only allows them to get up and running quickly, but they can even demo the personalized online store to a perspective client during their initial sales pitch.

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