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Search Engine Optimization is a critical aspect of advertising your business. If you have a beautiful website, but you are on page four of a Google search, than no one is seeing the hard work you put in or paid for. We will help you rise in these rankings and help you inderstand what goes into this rank.

Search Engine Optimization Services

What is SEO

Simply, SEO is the art of finishing at the top of search engines like Google and Bing. companies employ techniques and stratagies to increase the amount of visits to your site by making sure you are at the highest position possible in the search result page. Organic SEO is the process of accomplishing this goal by not using more resources (i.e. Money) to buy your way to the top of the results by using a service such as Google's Ad Words.

Our Work

Using Industry recognized SEO reporting tools, we will scan your website and provide a score for each category. We will also run reports on several of your competitors and show you the areas where you are doing well and where you may be falling behind.

We will review your report with you and begin discussing a strategy to improve your scores and your overall ranking on Google and other search engines.

We will discuss any areas that we can improve on your website itself that will help with your ranking. This may include making content changes, reworking your keywords, optimizing the code itself to be more SEO friendly.

We will discuss a strategy to improve your back links (these are links that point back to your web site and are crucial for improving your ranking).

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