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You will notice the difference when we first meet. We will listen to your needs and recommend the most efficient way to accomplish your goals. Blue Boxer was founded to help small businesses have great looking, modern web experiences while staying budget conscious.

Web Design Services

Web Design that fits your Project

Whether it’s a simple HTML page or integrating your application with a third party Content Management system, we will be here to move your project from design to done. We have experience in a wide array of technologies and everything can be customized to fit your exact requirements.

Our Work

Web Design Features

Mobile Friendly

Guaranteed to display on a wide array of devices. Your clients will be able to view your product anywhere.

Fully Customizable

We make your site from your specifications. Custom designed look that is never made from a template.

High Performance

Meets all expectations of todays web experience. Fast load times means people will stay to see your beautiful site.

Clean, Modern Design

We offer gallery pages that showcase your portfolio, pictures, or other media.

Responsive Design

Using the latest technologies, we make sure your site will all ways look good no matter how your client views your site.

Latest Technologies

Fill your pages however you would like. Your pages your way.

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